Reflection Probes in Unity

Simon Pham
Aug 27, 2023

In Unity, a reflection probe is a component used to capture and store information about the surrounding environment’s lighting and reflections. It’s particularly useful for creating more realistic and visually appealing scenes by simulating the way light interacts with different surfaces and objects in a given environment.

Adding Reflection Probes to Your Scene

You can navigate to GameObject > Light > Reflection Probe.

A Reflection Probe component will be added to your Hierarchy. You can then reposition it to the center of the scene.

After positioning the probe, adjust its size to fit your room along all three axes.

Next, modify the type to Realtime, and consider increasing the Intensity to around 2.5 for better results.

Here’s the comparison between turning Reflection Probes on and off. You can see that it really made our scene look better.